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Sep. 7th, 2013 12:03 am
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Player Information

Name: Capri
Personal Journal: Not applicable
Age: 25
Contact Info: PMs to this journal or capricapricia @ AIM
Other Characters Played: None

Character Information

Character Name: Van Grants/Vandesdelca Musto Fende
Character Series: Tales of the Abyss
Character Age: 27
Character Gender: Male
Original Canon
Canon Point: Before the final battle at Eldrant
Background Link: Wikia Link
Personality: "The One Who Would Seize Glory."

The meaning of Van's name is apt. He is a man who always seeks after more, who is not content with a simple lot in life. Where there is power, he will take it. Where there is none, he will make his own. He fiercely believes that he must be free to carve his own path and detests those who would allow themselves to be strung along by "fate," but he is not above manipulating them into following their fate if it will further his own plans. People cannot be objectively bad or objectively good, but there are many who would argue that Van comes close to being a horrible person through and through. He uses others without much regard for their own feelings, glorifies their sacrifices as being for the greater good and leaving them behind once he has finished with them.

That is not to say he is incapable of displaying positive traits. Van plays the role of caring mentor and friend to Luke for many years, and in his youth he was very close to his sister. If none of this were sincere, it would be seen through all too easily; the very best lies have some degree of truth in them, and Van uses his goodness and charisma in such a way that it will benefit him. He hates the Score because it fated him to doom his home of Hod, because of what the destruction did to his family and to his people, forcing the survivors to live in exceedingly close proximity to the miasma of the Qliphoth. His anger and rage stem from his love of his family and home, though the years of seeking revenge have twisted them beyond comprehension. He truly believes that he is doing what is best for the world, however; freeing it from its binding chains of fate by replacing those who would be bound by the Score with those who are not. The most terrifying extremists are those who honestly believe that they are doing good and Van is no exception.

He is intelligent and calculating. He knows what must be done to achieve his goals and knows exactly how to go about putting his plans into motion. He knows who to befriend, who to bring into his confidence, and who to cut his ties with. He deduces the answers to problems that may arise quickly and is clever enough to be able to teach others even when they are being difficult (looking at you, Luke). He is no bumbling villain; he is so effective at what he does simply because he weighs his options and, up until he is consumed by rage, makes the most logical choices. In some ways he is a silver-tongued liesmith. Even his sister, who was convinced of his guilt initially, was able to be convinced that he was only trying to do the right thing (though this was temporary). People follow him because he knows how much truth to tell and how much falseness to pad the truth with. He is an effective speaker and an even more effective leader and soldier.

His determination is second to none. His stubbornness, hand-in-hand with this, is also second to none. He is self-assured and certain that he knows best, sometimes veering into the realm of singlemindedness, and he does not take kindly to people questioning his authority. He earned his position through hard work after all and he will make some allowances if someone is exceedingly useful to him, but one who can be of no use to him ought to tread lightly less they suffer his displeasure. He is, after all, not afraid to make sacrifices in order to create a world that is not governed by the Score.

In spite of his desire to replace everyone with replicas, he does not see replicas as real people except for in some specific cases. For most of Luke's life he saw him as inferior and false. Only after he overcame his original did he acknowledge that he had worth. Until then he had believed in Asch's worth, that Asch would be the one to help him carry out his plans, and he was not above playing both boys so that they were dependent on him. Luke was meant to be his backup and Asch was meant to be his trump card; though he viewed Asch as superior to his replica, both were seen as little more than tools, though he took care to ensure that both saw him as irreplaceable in their lives. He preys on the insecurities of others and makes them dependent on him, making sure to present himself as strong where they are week so that it is clear that they need him. He does so like to feel needed, after all, because in his eyes he is the most superior being of them all, and why shouldn't they need him when they're all going to be replaced with replica trash some day soon?
Abilities: Detailed here

At his canon point he has absorbed Lorelei (the aggregate of the Seventh Fonon) into his body and can make use of Lorelei's power, meaning he has power over sound, memories, healing, ect and has the power of a god, basically. I can nerf this if you wish.
Sample Entry: A world that was not bound by the Score.

Van looks at the letters on his bedside tables, and he reads them again, and then he laughs. He doesn't hold back. It's all too funny; here it is, his goal achieved, and he didn't have to lift a finger, all he had to do was wait for Auldrant's end to come about. He wonders if it would have if his plans had never been put into motion, or perhaps it was those very same plans that resulted in the planet's destruction.

He should mourn. For his poor, misguided sister, who never saw the good in what he was doing. For that poor foolish replica and his even more foolish original who thought they could stop all this. For all those unquestioningly did as he said and yet never lived to see his glorious plans come to fruition.

He does not. He merely rises from his bed and sheds the white jumpsuit for his much more suitable clothing. This world, separate from Auldrant, out of the Score's reach. He wonders, how long will it take for this world to come to its own end?

He hopes he will be here to see it happen. Saved him, pah. He needed no saving, and his so-called rescuers will pay for presuming that he does. But for now he will watch and wait and bide his time. It is no good to simply exist, he has always said.

There must be and always will be more, and he will seize it for himself. It is the natural way of things. And if something gets in the way of that, well, he has never let that stop him before. Auldrant had been full of chess pieces.

How many other pawns were rescued? He must go and find out.

He has been going over these things in his mind as he walked, and now he stops in front of the elevator. Quaint. He presses the button and walks inside, fearless, sure of himself as he always has been.

The doors close behind him. He does not look back.


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